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Your vision. Your way.

Believeland Weddings was founded in January of 2021 with one goal in mind: to help couples have the best day of their lives.
The best day of your life should come with no strings attached.
It should also come with no stress.
For anyone that has ever began to plan a wedding, however, knows that above statement to be untrue.
A 2018 study by the New York Times states that planning a wedding and getting married is the most stressful thing that a person will ever go through.
And they are absolutely right.
And that is why we are here to help.
We are here for the couples who are looking to do a small and intimate backyard ceremony with flowers and decor purchased off of resale sites.
We are here for the DIY couples making all of their signs and decor, just to save a few dollars to spend money on something else.
We are here for the couples that have booked a beautiful and elegant full service venue complete with chandeliers and a five tier wedding cake as tall as they are.
We are here for the couples that may have each been married before, but were able to find each other and want to give marriage another try.
We are here for the couples who have lost a parent before their wedding - I know this one all too well.
We don’t believe in month of coordination. We work with you from the time that you sign your contract to the time that you walk out of your reception, with the love of your life on your arm.
We do believe in building relationships with our couples. We will probably add you as a friend on Facebook. We will probably be curious about your life. It’s not because we are nosy - it’s because we want to make sure we are making your day all about you.
We go to bat for all of our couples. Your parents are pulling you in 18 different directions with their ideas of what your wedding should look like. Don’t let them get you down. We are here to tell you that your wedding day should be a reflection of you - your parents have already been married. They’ve had their day. Have YOUR day, your way.
Looking back 20 years from now, you’ll want to remember the day as your own. I promise.
We are your cheerleaders, your support system, and hopefully, you’ll think of us as friends when the process is over.
No matter your vision. No matter your dream. No matter your budget, we are here to help.
With over 25 weddings already completed this year and bookings taking place every day, let us help you have the day that you have always dreamed of.
Contact us now for a no string attached consultation. We will tell you for ourselves what your day will look like from start to finish.

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