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My name is April Skuhrovec, and I am the owner and head coordinator at Believeland Weddings.
I am a wife, a daughter, and a fur mom to our two rescue dogs, Cheyenne and Rusty. 
If you are ever on a call with me, you will probably hear them barking in the background.
I’m a lover of country music, The Office (please do not judge me if I quote it around you), fall (absolute favorite time of the year!), Cleveland sports (hence the name of the company), shopping, baking, and cooking.
I’m a type A perfectionist. 
I lost my dad when I was 16 (and honestly, my heart goes out to all of my couples who have lost a parent before your big day. If you are in this boat, I am so sorry. I will help you find a way to honor them, I promise.)
I began this company back in January of 2021 with little to no money to my name but a huge dream in my heart.
I have known since I was a little girl that I wanted to plan parties and events. I watched my mom do it from afar for many years on a corporate level, and because of this, I was always the girl that planned her birthday parties six months in advanced. I planned our engagement party 3 days after my husband and I got engaged. Our wedding was planned and completed being planned by January of 2020.
And then COVID-19 happened. 
I cried. I panicked. I felt like nothing more could possibly go wrong, until we lost all of our vendors with 4 months left to go to our October wedding.
I managed to pull things together in that short amount of time, and we ended up having the wedding that we may not have always dreamed of, but a beautiful day. 
It was beautiful because at the end of it, I married my best friend.
Nothing else mattered in that moment. Not the centerpieces or the table linens, not the food that our guests ate or the music that was played. Definitely not the fact that it was 75 degrees on October 10th of 2020 and we were sweating through our tuxes and dresses. 
It was the fact that I finally got to call the man that I had met when I was a 21 year old girl still figuring out life for herself my husband.
JP loves to do weddings with me. He will probably do your wedding with me. Which is great, because he finds comfort and joy in giving couples the best day of their life, which is what we gave each other.
Most planners have never been married. They don’t truly know what a person goes through on their wedding day - which is feeling 500 emotions all at once.
They truly don’t know either, what it is like to get married in the middle of a pandemic, which is unfortunately the way of the world right now.
It’s a scary time. Hopefully, we are here to make it a little less scary for you.
That is my goal, above nothing else.

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